Transmission Services

Let Gorsuch Performance Solutions handle all your racing transmission needs to ensure optimal performance and prevent hidden binds in your driveline from hurting your car's handling.

We specialize in the most popular racing transmissions such as Bert, Falcon, Brinn, and Jerico 2-speed transmissions. Our range of services includes new transmission sales, refresh, rebuild, and repair services, ultrasonic cleaning, surface polishing, and friction management.

Additionally, we offer thermal dispersant coatings to improve the durability and hardness of your transmission and provide a high level of corrosion resistance. Our custom engineering and testing ensures that your transmission is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We guarantee 100% confidentiality to our customers.

Our base fee of $200 includes disassembly, cleaning, and a thorough wear and damage inspection. Any replacement parts needed will be added to the invoice, including labor charged at $100 per hour.

We also offer a range of transmission-related options and accessory components, including ceramic roller main bearings in case and tailhousing to reduce drag, titanium stud kits to save your bellhousing threads, GPS tail-housing plugs, and a proprietary transmission fluid called 1 US quart GTF.

Wehrs Machine transmission caddy and linkage swivels are also available, as well as a tail-housing bushing honed to match your customer-provided slip yoke.

Our thermal dispersant case coating is a better alternative to anodizing as it does not create a brittle and porous oxide layer and tensile residual stress that can detrimentally affect the fatigue properties of aluminum alloys.

      Here is a short video showing why it's important to have your transmission regularly serviced:

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