Exploded view of Tilton 75 series master cylinder with various components such as piston, cap, reservoir, and screws visible.

75 Series Tilton Master Cylinder Kits

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Tilton's master cylinders deliver outstanding performance without straining your budget. These cylinders offer versatile fluid reservoir mounting options, allowing for both direct and remote configurations. Constructed from lightweight aluminum and adorned with a sleek black anodized finish, they ensure durability and corrosion resistance. The kit includes a user-friendly 3/16" inverted flare fitting and an AN3 adapter, simplifying the installation process. These master cylinders serve as a direct replacement for those with a 2.25" 2-bolt mounting pattern. The universal kit comes complete with a 6.8 oz reservoir, remote-mount reservoir components, and essential fittings.

Key Features:

  1. Flange-mounts onto pedal assemblies with 2.25" center-to-center mounting studs
  2. Black anodized aluminum alloy body for optimal corrosion resistance
  3. 1.1" stroke
  4. AN3 outlet port
  5. Direct or remote-mount reservoir options

Upgrade your vehicle's performance with Tilton's cost-effective and high-performing master cylinders, perfectly suited for your needs.