Image of Tilton 76-Series Master Cylinder with added top outlet port for universal appeal and rear port for matching the function of the old version. Extra-deep top port allows for the use of a banjo fitting.

76 Series Tilton Master Cylinders

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Tilton's 76-series master cylinders are newly designed and packed with new features, such as an added top outlet port, making them a universally appealing choice. These master cylinders keep the rear port to match the function of the previous version while also adding an extra-deep top port that allows for the use of a banjo fitting.

The addition of a top AN-3 outlet port, combined with the rear outlet port, provides more flexibility when it comes to plumbing. Either port can be used to connect to brake pressure sensors, bleed ports, brake light switches, and other devices.

The top outlet port is compatible with both AN-3 and banjo fittings, and both outlet ports can be used with standard fittings without the need for modification or adapters. The lighter, more compact body design also provides additional clearance.