StopTech Racing GM Metric Brake Pads D154 Shape

StopTech Racing GM Metric Brake Pads D154 Shape

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FMSI D154 Shape, 14MM Thick

Popular StopTech brake pads for GM Metric Calipers.  Pads sold as an axle set. Pad pictures are representative only. 

StopTech #0 Compound

  • For applications requiring lower torque
  • Medium to low friction levels with linear friction curve with rising temperature
  • Extreme high temperature fade resistance
  • Excellent modulation and release characteristics
  • Repeatable performance
  • Popular RF option for dirt cars to help the car turn

StopTech #2 Compound

  • For medium to high horsepower applications that require higher friction levels
  • Similar friction levels to the #4 Compound
  • Linear friction curve with temperature rise with excellent release characteristics
  • Superb abraded disc wear
  • Maximum high-temperature stability
  • Popular front option

StopTech #3 Compound

  • Great for rear applications that require less friction but same level of control as the #4 Compound
  • Slight reduction in friction compared to #4 Compound
  • Excellent pedal modulation for applications requiring a medium friction level
  • Flat friction curve with temperature rise
  • Extreme fade resistance
  • Popular medium-rear option for dirt and asphalt cars

StopTech #4 Compound

  • All purpose pad for high grip, high power applications
  • Superior pedal feel and modulation characteristics
  • Formulated for high initial bite
  • Slight friction rise with temperature
  • Extremely low pad and abraded disc wear
  • Most popular rear pad for dirt cars

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