A yellow Wilwood brake pad box with 4 brake pads set in front of it

Wilwood GM Metric Brake Pads D154 Shape

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BP compound SmartPad numbered series represents the latest compounds developed through Wilwood research. Four different formulas offer increasingly aggressive friction and tolerance to high temperature, from BP-10 for spirited street use to BP-40 for extremely demanding racing competition. Multiple friction options allow users to optimize brake response to track conditions and weather. Compatible with all iron, steel, stainless, and titanium rotors within their intended temperature ranges.

  • BP-10   Low-Med Temperature & Friction
    • Baseline pad in Wilwood bolt-on brake kits for hot rods, muscle cars, and most street and drag strip applications.
    • Light dusting, quiet engagement pads with increased friction, response, and an extended temperature range with higher fade resistance over OE-type compounds.
    • Gradual response pad for lighter duty dirt track categories, especially in marginal traction
  • BP-20   Med-High Temperature & Friction
    • A true dual-sport performance compound providing clean and quiet driving on the street, with an expanded temperature and friction range for competition.
    • Upgrade pad for our bolt-on brake kits for autocross, track events, and heavier weight, high-speed drag cars.
    • Intermediate level dirt track use on limited tire, open wheel modifieds, and all types of hobby class racing.
  • BP-30   High Temperature & Friction
    • High friction, high temp, extra-long wearing, fade resistant race-only formula designed for hard braking endurance racing.
    • Exceptional pedal modulation and feel, start-to-finish.
    • Road racing, asphalt short track, high grip or downforce cars with extreme hard braking and sustained high-heat cycles.
  • BP-40   X-High Friction & High Temperature
    • Aggressive high friction, fade-resistant, long-wearing race only formula for high-heat applications.
    • Predictable and linear response with excellent pedal modulation and feel, start-to-finish.
    • Asphalt oval tracks, road courses, extreme-duty dirt, and all types of off-road competition.

Brake pads are sold by the axle.