• Tech Tip: Why Staggered Pistons Are Important for Brake Calipers

    If you're a car enthusiast or mechanic, you may have heard of staggered or tapered pistons in brake calipers. But why are they important? In this tech tip, we'll explain the science behind them and why they can improve the efficiency of your braking system
  • Should I upgrade my brake system?

    If you own a high-performance vehicle or enjoy pushing your car to the limit, you should consider upgrading your brake system. Brakes are a critica...
  • StopTech Big Brake Kits by Gorsuch Performance Solutions

    StopTech Big Brake Kits are available through Gorsuch Performance Solutions. Let our years of experience work for you in selecting the best brake package to maximize performance, feeling, and fun!
  • Rotor Inspections, part of a winning teams maintenance program.

    Please review the attached Service Bulletin regarding our Competition Brake Kit upgrades. Be sure to inspect your brake system as part of your routing maintenance.  Championships are won at the shop!  
  • Are Brake Calipers Directional?

    When we are talking about multi-piston brake calipers, some are directional and some are not.  One trick brake caliper manufactures use to help get...
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    What makes a brake rotor directional?  Typically it is based on the internal venting of the rotor.  Some rotors are universal like the first three ...
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    World of Outlaws Dirt Latemodel Series has an extremely tough schedule that keeps the teams very busy racing throughout the year.  This level of co...
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    Here is what Brent Larson, driver of the B1 Arnie Ranta Motorsports, World of Outlaws Dirt Latemodel had to say about our new right rear quarter pa...