Max Air Fans saving professional race teams time and money!

World of Outlaws Dirt Latemodel Series has an extremely tough schedule that keeps the teams very busy racing throughout the year.  This level of competition requires a lot of dedication, skill and money.  The top teams have seen the benefits of using the Gorsuch Performance Solutions' Max Air 6 Bladed Fans. 

Ryan Rosser, Crew Chief for Shane Clanton, said the following about the fans: "We have seen a great improvement with cooling and durability switching to the Gorsuch Performance Solutions' racing fan.  Since the switch we have gone from replacing fans every 3 to 4 races, and now run one all year long! It cuts cost and cools better, what more could you ask for?"

Max Air Fans are available through most latemodel chassis builders or call us at 951-310-0560 to get yours today!

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